Advanced Love: Mort and Ginny Linder

Lina Plioplyte and I traveled to Point Reyes Station over the weekend to make a short film about Mort and Virginia Linder. Mort and Ginny have been together for over 53 years. Their partnership is based on a genuine love and appreciation for one another, and a shared sense of optimism and joy. When I asked Mort about the secret to their long relationship he responded, “We feel we have been on a magical
mystery tour, and are still on our honeymoon. Ginny says that the secret is to
always be extra nice to each other.” I can’t wait to share our short film with everyone soon, but for now I hope you enjoy some behind the scenes shots from our wonderful day above.

  • Equatorial Eclectic

    Thier love-style♡ is inspiring!

  • what a beautiful couple

  • Anonymous

    To the Linder Couple, may you have many more years as boyfriend and girlfriend. You act it, so I crowned you so. My Aunt Rose and Uncle Sid were married 65+ years, and they called each other BF and GF.

    And to Sandy Cohen, Lynn Dell's husband, Lynn was a special gift to all of us, and we think about her all he time. May your family bring you comfort and joy this holiday season.

  • Couple goals! Sounds like a life well spent, as well as the right idea on how to treat one another

    Looking forward to watching the short Ari, thanks so much for sharing these pictures, particularly their home! It places their outfits within such a meaningful context

  • I am enthralled by the love and beauty that you portray in this post.

  • ARE those GIANT SHOES in the first photo on the ground?
    DO TELL………..

  • Anonymous

    Just heavenly. The last photo says it all.

  • Very much looking forward to the film – I want to know more about this fascinating couple!

  • These photos brought such joy today!

    I am very excited about this short film. Will you announce on the blog when it is available to be viewed?