Colleen, Palm Desert

  • I cannot THANK YOU enough ARI for leading the way for me to MEET this STUNNING woman!I think i have already mentioned I went to her shop and met her…….and purchased after an AMAZING conversation with her as we both worked at I. MAGNIN'S years ago!Well, I purchased the evening handbags from the actress who played The COUNTESS in THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!!WE had both watched the movie recently and since my NICKNAME in the BLOG WORLD and about TOWN is LA CONTESSA I couldn't resist !!!!
    Her story about YOU your brother and your MOTHER getting in the ACT to photograph her is FABULOUS!Then the most fascinating story how she did not peek at the photos once it was PUBLISHED!!!!!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR…………..keep up the GOOD WORK!


  • the first comment is truly a testament to your body of work, Ari and the joy you bring to people's lives. Advanced Style is the ultimate celebration of our elders

  • I would love to go to her shop. Where is it?

  • Sophia Florence

    so pretty!