Tziporah Salamon, Los Feliz

  • Lovely….GREAT SPIRIT!I had her for dinner when she came to SAN FRANCISCO………a few months ago.I told her she would enjoy my home because it was decorated like how she dresses!!!
    She came the weather was warm we sat outside and had a lovely evening!I adore HER STORY…………
    Which brings me to the NEW BOOK COVER!
    GORGEOUS………..I hear some of the women wrote essays.How Brilliant is that!!
    Looking forward to having your new book in my HANDS!
    My Best to you,

    ANTIQUE GODDESS from instagram!

  • Gorgeous shot!

  • I love her style, especially her pallet with accents of vibrant colors on the darker and deeper background. Look at the purple scarf on the deeper, dark shade of purple! Little drop of color on the bracelet. And the most important thing – she knows how to wear it! Love her!

  • Simply Awesome And Beautiful.