The Aging Rebellion: Gray in L.A.

Accessories by Sabine. Jacket: Forever 21

“The key to remaining youthful is to be rebellious, a little bit poor, and independent with a bit of a big mouth,” says 69-year-old writer and blogger, Sabine Reichel. Sabine is on a mission to change perceptions of aging and beauty in a society that,”doesn’t want to hear older women speak and share their opinions.” Check out more of Sabine’s work at her blog HERE.

  • Thank you so much for introducing me to Sabine. I feel I have met a kindred spirit. She is so beautiful and brave. No car in LA???? Yes indeed. Very brave. Ari Seth Cohen. You are a GEM!!!

  • Sabine is a stunning silver sister. A gray rebellion is going on in Dallas as well!

  • Thanks so much for sharing Sabine with all of us! Of late, it just seems as if I am being bombarded with the damn "anti-aging" "Look younger" "stop again" content again and again and again. It is refreshing to listen to someone who embraces aging with an open heart and mind. I'm 67 — and honestly, I don't want to "stop aging" — wouldn't that mean I am dead?

  • Sabine is fantastic. "Don't be a member of the beige bridgade." She is striking physically and she uses her voice. She does not allow herself to be pushed to the margins.

  • WOW You are Looking So Beautiful,Perfect Dress,You are so amazing,thanks for this article,keep sharing us..

  • I love Sabine's use of the word "advanced" in describing her style. I call the time of life at 50 and beyond "advanced adulthood," not just for our advaced years, but for our advanced spirits. This is the time of our ultimate expression since we become free of earlier life's distractions. I'm happy to be alive at this time and participating in the changing perceptions of aging.

  • Sabine is wonderful. Her attitude is contagious!

  • I like a great pink lipstick once and a while ��. So awesome to hear someone speak like you do. Thank you for sharing. All my life (now 53) I have been spontaneous taking on new challanges. I wanted to create a version of myself(which was built on love) I had a vision of what love woud look like in my life i made an enormous amount of mistakes id say it was my stubborn nature however now i see it as something positive because I stuck with my dream and now I live the life I dreamed about. Yes I'm a bit poor but very richly intelligent. I don't stay quiet when I need to heard. I found that this vision took on new meaning and experience at every turn. Live life as art its your creation.

  • Oh my God! I love her so much 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Be still my heart!

  • congrats for ur audacity!

  • Thanks for sharing sabine with all of us

  • She is striking physically and she uses her voice. She does not allow herself to be pushed to the