The Real Gidget

Kathy “Gidget” Kohner in Malibu circa 1956. ErnstLenart

I was having lunch with some friends at Duke’s Malibu the other day, when the most bubbly and charming woman came over to greet us. It turns out that she was Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, the inspiration for the Gidget book, film and television series. Kathy started surfing in Malibu in the late 1950s and her father, Frederick Kohner, chronicled her adventures as a model for the beloved character Gidget. If you happen to be driving through Malibu, Kathy is now the ambassador of aloha at Duke’s, and is there every Tuesday and and Sunday.

Frederick Kohner’s, Gidget, has been re-released and is available on Amazon HERE.

  • FABULOUS!!!!

  • You are terrific, Ms Real Gidget Kathy! Thank you for being a role model and an inspiration. Your blouse is awesome, too. Very nice cut and I love the black neckline. Cheers to you!

  • Amazing with fabulous energy and style!