5 Secrets to Vitality With Maureen Gumbe

I’m starting a new series where I ask the ladies and gentlemen I photograph to share some of their secrets to remaining vital and creative. I met Maureen Gumbe in Geneva right before the launch of my first book in 2012. We first connected over Facebook and then had a serendipitous meeting on the streets of Carouge. Maureen is always dressed in vibrant colors which perfectly match her joyful spirit. Here are Maureen’s Top Secrets to Vitality:
1.A positive outlook on life, despite prevailing circumstances

2.A spirit of gratitude
3.Surround myself with a variety of friends, especially younger than I am.
4.Keep abreast of changes in the society, life or living in the present
5.Laughter, always nourish the child in me.
  • What a lovely lady! I love the idea of you asking what their secrets are and I hope to not only learn, but apply a few. Thank you for taking these ladies pictures. I really do enjoy the manner in which they dress!

  • She's a fabulous lady, love her attitude and style, and her pretty smile!
    Really inspiring!

  • She's rockin the colors!
    Looves it 🙂


  • What a wonderful gift to the world this blog is! Ms. Gombe is inspiring & energizing.

  • Maureen's style reflects her vitality and positive energy. Her "Secrets" are tips we could all benefit from.

  • I Believe I love her.

  • Yes! I love this new series! All the ladies you photograph are inspiring, even to just look at, but I'm especially excited to hear the "secrets" that have helped them be so stunning and happy and radiating.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, I really appreciate this line of questioning. Positive reinforcement means so much more from someone who has been around the block (and who still hoofs it!!). I am taking up Pilates already based on what I have already heard about some of these ladies, and dancing will be next!!
    -From a GenXer