5 Secrets to Vitality With Sarah Jane Adams

Here is the second installment of vitality tips with Sarah Jane Adams. Make sure to follow all of her adventures on Instagram HERE.

1.Always have an exciting adventure ahead.
2.Be ready to take on a challenge.
3.Stretch yourself, in every way possible.
4.Say Yes, or No, and mean it.
5.There’s an up side and a down side to being “out there”. So enjoy it while you can and don’t take notice of other’s opinions of yourself. The day you begin to believe in your own bullshit, it is the beginning of the end, and also use the haters as your motivators.

  • I had the same swimsuit about three decades ago (it's a classic!) and I didn't look as good in it then as she does now.

  • WOW what a Lady. Like You way to think!

  • One of my favourite ladies from Advanced Style!

  • Vitality tips! WOW

    That is why I love older people. :o)

  • WOW! Love the tips!

    That is why I adore older people. :o)

  • Great tips! So do we need to live by the rules or to break them?

  • Went to a screening of the film Advanced Stye. Loved it Ari. There were close to 200 women, if not more, a lot of a certain age. Fabulous fashion, attitude and personalities. Thank you for shining a light on those who dare to be who they are, no matter how old.

  • Anonymous

    This one ROCKS.

  • Gteat advice. Totally agree.

  • Great advice. I totally agree.