Almost 70

G63A9404  “My mama will be 70 in October. She always says, “Be your authentic self”. She loved dressing for work in the boardroom and putting a look together, but now that she is retired she’s enjoying taking more risks in fashion and having fun with it.” -Amanda Dolanof Spark Pretty on her mother’s fashion choices.

  • Fifi

    That jacket is da bomb! She is awesome.

  • The jacket is fab! She rocks!


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  • Perla RW

    Lovely! I can perfectly picture her as a young girl at Woodstock in the
    late 60’s but also as a young woman in a NY disco in the 80’s…and
    still rocking.

  • Awesome!
    My pham Ohui

  • Deborah Schillbach

    Looove it!!!

  • Sophia Florence

    i love those shoe’s!