Pattern Mixing Pro

G63A9231 copyInterior Designer, Cynthia Pastor, is a pattern mixing pro.

  • Great look! I agree, the pattern mixing in the outfit is fantastic!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  • Kathleen Van Duzee

    Cynthia’s expertise in “pattern mixing” exhibits her taste and flare in wardrobe “style”….always stunning! Kathy

  • EmbyEm

    Wow, pro+ ! It’s a beautiful thing to see good pattern mixing – rather like a well planted perennial garden.

    On another note: Ari, I don’t usually speak critically online, but find I must address your new posting procedure. I hate that people now have to sign up for a social media account to post here. By the decrease in the number of comments, I am obviously not the only one. Social media accounts are a plague. I had stopped posting here (usually a thrice weekly ritual for several years) until I discovered that I have an old unused disqus account. Otherwise, I may have stopped posting entirely.