Mara West, Vintage Beauty


  • Nem mondom, nekem is messze még ez a kor, de annyira másképp látom, mint egészen fiatalon. A mai időseket már nem feltétlen kell leírni, mint ahogy régen gondoltam, nem mind lassúak és betegek, és ez jó!!! Nem muszáj megöregedni csak azért, mert a testünk öregszik. :))

  • Wow that woman rules. I rarely see older gals in true vintage form. She takes the cake.

    • TVJ

      She’s beautiful too 🙂

  • TVJ

    I have both of the Advanced Style books. Since I’m 50-years-old and looking forward to being fabulous as I age, I enjoy seeing women of a certain age being lovely, stylish, and best of all, being themselves.


      yes, I agree with you!!!!!

  • mlle p

    Beautiful gal – love the style!

  • la Contessa

    LEAVE THE HAIR DOWN!I canNOT BELIEVE It is the same WOMAN!!!!!!

  • Fifi

    She’s fierce and gorgeous. How on earth has she kept her decolletage unwrinkled? We want tips!

  • Gina

    She is so cool! <3

  • EmbyEm


  • maria_sangria

    I absolutely LOVE Mara! We became pals way back when she sold her fab vintage finds at the Long Beach Antique Swap. She is so vibrant and full of spitfire. Great smile and infectious laugh. She’s right up there with Pearl Harbour, another fabulous gem. xo


    yASSS!!!! She always bring it!!!