Right to Bare Arms

IMG_9638-copy G63A7907-copylow G63A6191low G63A4263 G63A0942.copy-copyweblow G63A0175-copylowG63A4188lowG63A7604.copy222lowRecently I have noticed some negative comments on my Instagram feed about women of a certain age showing their arms. Why is that men are allowed to show their arms as they age, but women are made to feel ashamed of their aging bodies? How you dress, express yourself, what you choose to wear and reveal is all a matter of personal choice. It angers me off when people are told that they can’t wear something or that they have to act a certain way, mostly invisible, when they hit 60-years-old(which is young!!!!) Let’s celebrate and empower men and women of all ages! I’ll be sharing photos of glorious women baring their arms on my instagram feed all day. If you would like to join the conversation post your photos with the hashtags #advancedstyleuncovered #advancedstylerighttobarearms

  • Kathleen Conery

    I have been enjoying your photos of proud, powerful, and beautiful in all ways women (mostly, but sometimes men) on this blog for a long time, and I thank you for that. And for giving them, and us, the right to feel good about aging. Here’s hoping we all grow as amazing as these wonderful ladies (and sometimes men) have. And bare our arms, knees, backs and bellies if we want to!

  • Lorena Lorena

    I totally agree, well said. It’s like when you begin ageing you suddenly have to cover up and then disappear.

  • Sharon Henegar

    You go, boy!

  • Taste of France

    YES! These women all look amazing, but even if they didn’t, baring arms isn’t just about looks–it’s about comfort in the heat.

  • sage

    Hehe. Kind of like my mom telling me to cut my hair short when I turned 40. I told her I wanted a river of silver down my back. I’m getting there!

  • dkzody

    These women all have great arms. They should be showing them off.

  • Oh my gosh Ari…the walker is sensational. I keep saying to those that will listen “Please make mine beautiful when I need it.” Thank you.

    Wrote about you the other day…you are still such an inspiration. http://www.retireinstyleblog.com/2016/08/who-do-you-know-advanced-style-blog-and_26.html

  • Sheila Fuhrmann

    Thank you so much .. These ladies have great arms. Mine didn’t look that good when I was half the age I am now. lol.. I still keep mine covered because I am just more comfortable that way. But then I always have been .. Even in my teens and twenties I rarely went with bare arms. I love your blog, I love the individualism of the people you take photos of. I have always dressed to hide. Your photos have made me slowly change the way I dress , very slowly but its a work in progress. 🙂 I just made a dress, same old style, but new fabric.. Black and white with houses on the skirt and it was one of your photos that made me go for it. Thank you and all the wonderful ladies.

  • Mage Bailey

    These women are just glorious.

  • Wendy

    That’s just the best post Ari. All people have the right to bare arms, especially in summer. Thank you, and I love your work

  • Charlene

    Should we reciprocate and tell those who criticize arms by telling them how ugly their attitude looks? I’m approaching 64 and have lost 85 pounds to reach a much healthier weight and yes, it is easier to dress in outfits that please me now, but I always took time and care with my appearance. It fed MY soul. If anyone else was or is pleased by how I look, that is a cherry on top of my fat-free whipped cream.

    I had a nay-sayer, 10 years older than me, tell me “you know, you’ll never get rid of that loose under arm business or skin in your midriff and thighs”. I was un characteristically speechless when she said that. I have a plan in place for my next encounter. I will raise my arms to shoulder height, elbows bent with forearms raised like goal posts. I will beat her silly with my “bat wings” and look dang good doing it. 😉

  • Jane Powell

    We should always celebrate that we are alive and everything positive in our lives. Celebrate the fact that your arms work. Our bodies are made for use, not looks! Adorn them if you wish, but always celebrate the good your body does!

  • Sonja Sayed

    Let’s avoid being hypocritical just for the sake of supporting older ladies (I’m 66 myself) and don’t make fashion an ideology. I don’t think flabby arms of very old women look “great” . If they choose not to cover them – totally their own business! There is no “must” or “must not” these days . Liberating oneself of outdated norms has always been provokative to conservative people. If you bother about it – don’t break the rules! I personally prefer 3/4 sleeves because I think they look more “aesthetically pleasing”. Talking about “older men’s freedom” : So far I have never seen any old men wearing T-shirts or shirts with armpit-short sleves. And I wouldn’t like it, either. Let’s be honest about it: Young, smooth flesh DOES look nicer.

  • This is great! These ladies are working it! If you feel good in it, then you should wear it…no matter the age!


  • Amen! I dress a lot of women who are 50+ and numerous times I’ve been asked if it is appropriate for them to go sleeveless. I couldn’t believe it the first time a woman told me she would like to but wasn’t sure if she “could.” In my opinion, when it comes to dressing, you can do whatever you’re comfortable with! Arms are probably the least offensive of all body parts anyway. Where did these crazy “norms” come from? Kudos to you for promoting body positivity at any age, and crushing these old-school ideas!

  • Jacqueline Graham

    These ladies are sooooo beautiful!!! Thank you for this inspiring post!

  • ina

    Let’s celebrate and empower men and women of all ages and all sizes! Amen!

  • cityrat_wrangler

    Oh my goodness. Holy crap. There is starvation, death and destruction and murder and bombing and sickness and squalor and all manor of things that, while they might even be no less important to look upon so we can solve the ills that cause them, certainly challenge the eyes, but oh my…people actually, ACTUALLY are somehow BOTHERED by the alive, heathy BARE ARMS of human beings of ANY age? What on this planet is wrong with some people, I will never understand.