Red and Green


  • Taste of France

    She is fabulous. I want to be like every one of these women. Interesting rather than “pretty.” I have had it with pretty.

  • Ivana Džidić

    There is something to this lady that is break-taking…she is so unique, classy and so chic. Christmas magic!

  • SusanG

    What fabulous accessories. I’ve never seen anything quite like that handbag or her frames.

  • annavilma

    Great look! I love it!

  • la Contessa

    I have to tell you I have a FOLLOWER on my BLOG because of YOU!She lives in SPAIN and is SO MUCH FUN!Her name is LOLA…………at the end of my last post I asked her in the comment section how she found ME!She FOUND YOU first and that is what brought her to me!!!!!!!!
    A priceless GIFT!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!

  • Joyful17

    I actually Caught My Breathe! What an extraordinary photograph….a woman of discerning taste..who knows how to dress and how to make such a fabulous STATEMENT! Thank you Ari..All your ladies are wonderful…but this one is DIVINE!

  • lisa moz

    loving the accessories …
    Check the mega sale items available at Zoranda..So good and affordable

  • Fifi

    She’s bold and colorful in a way I’d never dreamed of being. The glasses!! She just rocks all that color.