Freedom at 70

When Jennifer Dolan retired from a long and wonderful career working at The New York Times, she felt a newfound freedom to express herself through clothing. She had always loved putting together looks for the boardroom, but now at age 70 she has even more fun playing with chic and fearless styles (with the help of her daughter Amanda, owner of SparkPretty Vintage).

  • Jacqueline Graham

    She is ROCK’IN it! I love it!!!

  • Taste of France

    She is fantastic! Did she find that chandelier vest or DIY it? I like the complementary studs.

  • Theresa LaSalle

    She is what cool is!

  • I want to be her friend!!

  • publius

    she looks like she’s playing dress up. there’s a fine line between edgy and foolish and she crossed it.

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Love her style!!!

  • This is awesome. I like it.