Striking Silver


  • Pam Tournier

    Great portrait! Love that necklace

  • Taste of France

    She looks fantastic. And she has the absolutely perfect glasses for her face. Very cool frames, too!

  • Lynne Gillett

    Oh I so would, BUT pretty sure I’m going the same way as mum, muddy grey/brown all the way to 80’s. And I just don’t want to be muddy – it’s not me! Grey, white, totes, strong streak, yeah. But undecided hair when I’m finally at my strongest? No – I’ll dye it whtever I want, not to pretend I’m younger, may go white, but just to be me x

  • The glasses -Adore!

  • Jeannine

    I’m not brave enough but I love this look!

  • Holly Tadder