Beatrix Ost On The Go


  • Mage Bailey

    (It was hard to find the comment block so far from the post.)
    I’ve been really enjoying your posts lately.

  • Jacqueline Graham


  • Kathleen J. Temple

    Beatrix Ost is always stunningly beautiful, and this time– Oh my! The angles of the plaid in her dress are splendid! It’s obvious that she already has a very skilled, very expert dressmaker, but when I see her dresses such as this one, I too want to create for her.

  • 2754sdr


  • Jennifer Kellow Ward

    How I would love to wear that outfit. Exactly my colours and style. Sadly I’m not tall enough though!

  • Megan Popelier

    Absolutely fabulous!! Beatrix is the definition of style. Thank you Advanced Style for providing clarity to the world on what beauty and fashion is really all about – I love your work xx

  • This is flawless ♡♡♡

  • Michele Patton

    love the hat