Dressing Against The Grain

I have been following Dee Goldberg (deeegoldie on instagram) ever since discovering one of her first posts several years ago. A few months ago I had the chance to meet and photograph her outside one of my book signings in Melbourne. Sometimes I get stronger reactions, both negative and positive when I post photos of more unconventional dressers. Stye is a personal choice and I want to celebrate a wide range of personal expression. I asked Dee to share a little bit about her love of wearable art and how her style has developed over time:

“My clothes are my wearable art. My cupboards are minimal so I decided to display my stuff literally on my curtains, walls, bathroom, and slowly it evolved into some kind of gallery! The first port of call for me in the morning is my washing machine in the laundry– on the way I pass my many hats. I plonk one on my head and start from there. It’s not unusual to see me running around stark naked except for a hat perched on my head!

Humor and paradox plays a huge part in my creations. I am amuse myself and the ripple effect is that many people laugh too! But there are lots of quizzical looks and comments too. Politics, sport, Christian celebrations, Jewish holidays, all give me the opportunity to celebrate all aspects of life!!( I am about to “frock up” in my frog outfit for Passover)!! Even the American election got me going.

My outfits are no accident. Time, energy, and money go into each idea. Every outfit has a theme and is never 100 percent finished- there is always room for more and nothing is off-limits. My eccentric and colored style unfurled like a rainbow when I created different outfits for the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. Since then it’s evolved into an expression of joy and appears to be contagious.There is no such thing as matching or complementing colors it’s how the mood takes me. My life motto is “more is more.”

Age has definitely made me more comfortable and given me permission to “rock” whatever “floats my boat”. I have found my voice since I have gotten older. I am sensitive to what people say about me as a person and my character- but my clothes are just a part of me. When you are creative like this not everyone is going to like it- one has to have a sense of humor… it’s a great ice breaker and a terrific  way to disarm people.My advice to people who want to dip their toes into the “colorful pond”- is to “give it a whirl and the sun will still rise the next day”!! There will always be a conversation for me and it’s brought pure joy to my life.”

  • cephalopod

    I have a great sense of humor, but I’ll pass on this look.

  • Susan Cook

    Yeah Dee! I am more of a classic dresser but appreciate those with flair and creativity. And I might be a tad bit envious of those that can just be without regard to what “others” will say. “You go girl!”

  • She’s got amazing sense of style! Surely we can’t pull off this look like Dee so we really appreciate her attitude and confidence toward fashion. No matter people say…she gets it. She wears her clothes…she owns her moments.

    Anita xo


  • I love to look at people who dress that creative!

  • Marianne Soher

    As long as it is aesthetic, I can have it, but this is not! (at least to my taste).

  • Dayna Williamson

    I like it! Why not be a little off the center line? I don’t always dress “with all the crayons in my box” but do like to now and again! Cheers for those of us with imagination.

  • “I have found my voice since I have gotten older” – I totally relate to this…

  • Nimesh George

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  • Gail Anderson

    I can live with this woman’s wild way of dressing, even though I doubt very seriously that I would ever dress the same way. Dee’s wardrobe is her business and not mine. The thing that bothers me about her is the unhealthy look of her skin. If you go to her Instagram, you will see her skin looking over-tanned in many of the shots. I hate to say this, but she reminds me of that “Tanning Mom” who was in the tabloids a few years back for putting her six-year-old in a tanning bed. Yes, I know that Dee lives in Australia, a country well known for lots of sunshine. However, I doubt that all of her tan came from the sun. As a person who survived melanoma skin cancer in 1997 (and has meticulously applied sunscreen ever since), her unnatural skin tone gives me the creeps. As for me, the sunscreen has paid off. I get checked by a dermatologist every year, and have always received good news. The melanoma has never come back!

  • katerina

    I’m with Gail Anderson. This womans tan is just so bad. I don’t know how she can “dress” like that. It’s horrendous.

  • Amber Holbrook

    I love her confidence and creativity- it is inspiring!

  • Miska

    Very gutsy! Go Dee Goldberg! I admire people who are not ruled by the tyranny of shoulds! Women, particularly older women, are always being told what is appropriate. To hell with all that.

  • The Style Crone

    I love Dee Goldberg. Her self expression is very creative and colorful. She inspires me to take risks. Thank you Ari, for showing style across the continuum. Bravo!

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    I love her confidence and creativity- it is inspiring!

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  • Jewels Dietrich

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