The Ruedas


  • Noemi Margit-Bako

    Not classy or tasteful at all.

  • Taste of France

    They are both magnificent, but honestly that yellow coat is the thing I want. I’ve never been a fan of plaid (though she looks great!). But the yellow coat is the gift that would keep on giving.

    • Jamie Whitehead

      that plaid is MAGNIFIQUE !

  • They are darling!! ❤️

  • Elke Kuhn

    Refreshing…..I wish I had a sister…what fun and delightful to come across a pair who get along very well!!!
    Love both their looks….I understand one of them sews for both. Is that correct?

  • The tartan – I adore!!

  • katerina

    I HONESTLY DON’T GET IT AT ALL ….So gaudy….each to their own….but i prefer classic dressing. Subtle and elegant.

  • Roberta Burroughs

    Fabulous colors, especially the yellow, which is a favorite of mine.