Shades of Red

Sometimes all you need is a great scarf to make a casual look more vibrant. What are your style secrets?

  • Mary Anne

    I love this style! I own a red pashmina shawl that I wear as a scarf. It’s light enough to wear from early autumn to late spring and adds a vibrant touch of colour to the dark days of winter.

  • Mage Bailey

    Your eye has been unerring lately.

  • Quando tiver sua idade, quero estar tão linda quanto você

  • Irina Kuchinskaya

    Very beautiful and stylish woman

  • English/Irish

    This I can relate to. Though many of your subjects are outrageously brave & adventuresome, I’m afraid I’m just a small town Indiana girl who would be locked up if I even thought of dressing that way. A nice scarf, spectacular shoes & a fabulous bag are about the best I can do here & still stay out of the mental ward.

  • Roberta Burroughs

    The scarf really makes this outfit!