Advanced Love: Britt Kanja and Günther Krabbenhöft


A Story of Love and Friendship by Britt Kanja

Intuition is an exact science and your energy introduces you –
before you even speak !
From the moment I eyed Günther, it was clear:
Since Eons we have been coupled and trusting one another …
We felt drawn towards each other,
moved by the inner and outer beauty of the other …
I immediately sensed, here is someone in harmony with his temper and his awareness.
A spirit that emanates lightness and love.
A little later Günther said: wonderful that we met each other. It feels like a miracle that you appeared in my life!
The door was widely open and
I was expecting you!

Our love for life, our light-heartedness, solidarity, trust, thoughtfulness, our love to dance and people-connecting attitude led us into this enchanting friendship.
Mutual Inspiration is a gift for everyone, for all of those who are involved …
if the genius of the One fosters the genius of the other …
From heart to heart develops a powerful magnet …
Anything is possible, when the heart, mind and soul go on a journey together …

Remaining two, our mind becomes one …
A state of mind of happiness, contentment, and enthusiasm.
Every new day presents unexpectedly beautiful moments
if one becomes discouraged, whispers the other „you can do it”!
We rejoice in the happiness of the other –
In the consciousness of having friends and of being a friend’s friend …
Like two telepaths, we send a smile of the mind to the world …

Like every tree dresses itself with joy in blossoms —
we are drinking from the source of sounds and colors
and celebrating life inside out …

!!! WE MAKE LOVE GREAT AGAIN !!!- Britt Kanja 

  • Kathleen S.

    I love these people! Such positivity!

  • Elena DeLoof

    Thank you for so beautifully sharing the story of your love!

  • Thank you for so beautiful blog !!

  • Beautifully executed. At this “certain” stage of my life, I think it’s important to have that special soulmate, partner, and safe harbor. We don’t all have that luxury. Thank You for sharing.