Advanced Love: Eduardo and Nazare Pinela

I’m still working on all my photos of the extraordinary Eduardo and Nazare Pinela, but I wanted to post this quick preview of our shoot together. If you know of any great older couples, preferably in the US, for my Advanced Love project, please email me at .

  • Shannon Doty

    Hi Ari,

    As I sit here watching your documentary for the maybe the 5th time, I feel compelled to let you know how much I admire the work that you’re doing. It’s inspiring and noble, and I deeply connect with your mission to shine a light on these fabulous older women who are often cast aside by society. Not only that, but your work makes me excited about my future as a woman in America, and for that I am thankful.

    I spent most of my childhood beside my gorgeous and fashionable grandmother. She managed high-end clothing stores in her younger years and taught me everything I know about glamour and fashion. In fact, at 93 years old, she just purchased a big pair of green cat eye sunglasses. I see a lot of her in the women you featured in the documentary, which is perhaps why I love the film so much.

    Thank you for the work you do, and keep it up! The world needs more of this.