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Advanced Love: Pattie and John

“Pattie and John met a spiritual retreat and discovered that they had little in common. She’s an artist and, well, he wore mostly T-shirts and jeans. She took one look at him and joked, “Don’t dress up for me.” He’s been dressing up ever since, and she’s been allowing and sometimes learning from his penchant for analyzing people—his occupational hazard. They agree that what seals their deal is their ability to listen to and care for each other when they are troubled. And each time that happens, love and affection abound.” – Pattie and John

In Memory of Ruth Kobin

A few weeks ago my dear friend Ruth Kobin passed away at the age of 105. Over the last few years she has been a huge inspiration to me and so many others with her optimistic approach to life and aging, and her beautiful spirit. I continue to receive weekly emails from people influenced  by Ruth’s dynamism and vitality. Ruth, you will be dearly missed, but you will remain a constant role model for so many to never give up. May you rest in peace.


Compassion is Key


A few years ago a young woman stopped me at the airport to tell me about her gorgeous 94-year-old grandmother, Evita Stewart. When I got home she sent me a message via Instagram with photos of Evita with her new boyfriend lounging by the pool– I was instantly inspired. Two year later and I finally had the chance to chat with and photographer the gorgeous, now 96-year-old Evita. Evita told me that she does yoga seven days a week, starting even before she gets out of bed. When I asked her what the secret to living a long vital life is she replied,” I think it’s just having a lot of compassion for other people. A lot of love and knowing that other people can be very lonely. Sometimes you take it as being haughty or snobs, but its good to extend yourself to people because you get all that love back.”

I made date with Evita to photograph her and her gentleman friend!!!!