Helen Lyall: Napa’s Queen of Fashion

For the last several years my parents have been attending one of their favorite jazz concert series in Napa, California. Every time my mom comes home she tells me about this wonderful woman that owns a boutique in downtown Napa that would be perfect for Advanced Style. Yesterday, I finally got to meet the wonderful Helen Lyall, who just celebrated her 88th birthday and 44 years in business. Helen works almost everyday in her fabulous store styling some of Northern California’s most fashionable women. After taking a few snaps and celebrating with some champagne, the Cohen family left Napa inspired by Helen’s stunning style and sharp wit! If you are in the neighborhood drop by The Helen Lyall Boutique and say hello for us.

  • SusanG

    What a fabulous jacket!

  • Alfa

    Style is ageless. This woman looks fabulous…head to toe!

  • la Contessa

    Helen was the PERSONAL SHOPPER for THE CITY OF PARIS in downtown SAN FRANCISCO many years ago!Neiman Marcus is now in its spot but they KEPT THE GLASS DOME!!!!!!LOOK up as you walk in!When I was a little girl growing up in MILL VALLEY, my Mother would take me every year to see the CHRISTMAS TREE that was erected to the TOP of that DOME!Boy, was it MAGICAL………….the entire store was MAGICAL.
    Helen had a shop in VALLEJO, for many years………two stories……I had heard about this WOMEN for years!!!!!But had never made the VENTURE as VALLEJO was not that desirable place to be 15 years ago………..it had GONE DOWN HILL.But I did GO with MY MOTHER and a FRIEND and I found on HER SALE RACK a RED OPERA COAT for $100.00.The reason I loved it SO, it touched the GROUND and THAN SOME!I being 5’11’ NEVER found things like this!MY MOTHER made me BUY IT!(She probably bought it for me!)Well, that OPERA COAT went to PARIS many years after it was purchased and WELL……………those PHOTOS are MY FAVORITE EVER!UNTIL YOU SHOOT ME ARI!!!!!!!
    Helen moved to NAPA into a BEAUTIFUL SPOT on the RIVER……….I do not GO often enough because I ALWAYS FIND TOO MUCH!
    ONCE AGAIN we MISS each OTHER!!!!!!