Joyce Carpati Lets Her Hair Down

My dear friend, Joyce Carpati, has been wearing her hair in a gorgeous braid for over forty years. The other day I asked if I could take a photo with of her with her hair down. She agreed if I made it fast! I think she looks wonderful both ways.

  • SusanG

    What a gorgeous mane!

  • Noemi Margit-Bako

    Prefer it down. She is beautiful.

  • Mary Anne

    Joyce is gorgeous no matter how she wears her hair!

  • Gail Anderson

    And they say that older women shouldn’t have long hair. That is bull! Not only does Joyce look great, but I also like the long gray hair on country singer Emmylou Harris. Older women can certainly have long hair, if that’s what they want. Like everyone else, they just have to keep their hair clean and neat.

  • Linda

    She has such beautiful hair and the most serene face.

  • katerina

    She HAS to wear it down !!! She actually looks much younger…and very spunky…like this !!!!

  • RLL

    She looks absolutely stunning either way!