When Is It Okay Being Who We Are?(Video)


  • Miska

    Love this woman! She is so radically sane in her perspective.

  • I LOVE her! She makes so much sense and what she says is right on point.

  • Love the style and the character! Thanks for allowing me to meet these fabulous people!
    Inspiring !!
    Dress The Part

  • ID439276

    This reminds me of the time I told my (then) teenage daughter: where you are going I’m already coming back from. I have no problem with my age and my wisdom.

  • She knows! The bubble hem is IN.

  • Chris Pyle

    OHHHH I am so stalking your Blog. some one posted a link to it in a group I belong to. I can see now I need to up my style and let go even further. I am 68. Need more bright crazy floral in my life. Always felt I danced to my own drummer. So glad to see others also doing so and maybe I can dance closer to theirs.

  • Leopolda Pd

    Well, it is so interesting to meet you all, ladies, you are all stunning! I am 76 and I do not have a blog. As soon as I get organized I will send you a picture !