When Is It Okay Being Who We Are?(Video)


  • Miska

    Love this woman! She is so radically sane in her perspective.

  • I LOVE her! She makes so much sense and what she says is right on point.

  • Love the style and the character! Thanks for allowing me to meet these fabulous people!
    Inspiring !!
    Dress The Part

  • ID439276

    This reminds me of the time I told my (then) teenage daughter: where you are going I’m already coming back from. I have no problem with my age and my wisdom.

  • She knows! The bubble hem is IN.

  • Chris Pyle

    OHHHH I am so stalking your Blog. some one posted a link to it in a group I belong to. I can see now I need to up my style and let go even further. I am 68. Need more bright crazy floral in my life. Always felt I danced to my own drummer. So glad to see others also doing so and maybe I can dance closer to theirs.

  • Leopolda Pd

    Well, it is so interesting to meet you all, ladies, you are all stunning! I am 76 and I do not have a blog. As soon as I get organized I will send you a picture !

  • Madwhel47

    I agree with what she said. I’m happy to be my age. It’s wonderful to live the passing years, to observe the younger people around, to see the changing times and to know that you are older, have lived a few decades and can still be an active participant in life. Aging is not an illness, with each new year comes a renewal of our inner child.