Sandra Sallin

Check out Sandra’s wonderful blog HERE.

  • Linda

    Wonderful look. I absolutely adore that dress. (Keeping my fingers crossed it’s faux fur!)

    • la Contessa

      It is I have the same top and pant!

      • Linda

        How great. And I love your blog and your fabulous style, Contessa!

        • la Contessa


  • la Contessa

    I KNOW THAT LADY!!!!!!!!!!!
    What Fun to open my emails and see your post and click on it and find MY BUDDY!!!!!!!
    Of course, i had to call HER and say………HURRY YOU are on ARI’s BLOG!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ari, I’m so honored to be on your site. I mean it’s one thing to have so much fun photographing looking for light and then gabbing in the kitchen. It’s another thing to be featured on your site. Thank you.

  • Russell Brauer

    another very classy lady.

  • Just lovely! I’ve been so privileged to get to know Sandra, and you’ve really captured her vivacious spirit here.

  • LHS (Nasty Woman)

    When the weather starts getting gray in the fall, putting on some bright colours is a great idea.

  • Sandra has a fabulous look! Style Icon ! Very chic!
    Dress The Part

  • Lisa

    Such a beauty!