Shades of Grey


  • Stephen O’Donnell

    These are great!

  • Gorgeous photos Ari! You’re really rocking it! Next time you’re in the area. Come on over for tea or what ever you and your stars would enjoy!

  • Taste of France

    First photo: stunning. beautiful.
    Second photo: I’m jealous. Can they come over?

  • la Contessa

    BEYOND!Tell COLLEEN when she tires of THAT YELLOW POOF I WANT IT!!!!!!MY garden is white and YELLOW FLOWERS ONLY!!!!!!!!!BRAVO!

  • ID439276


  • Russell Brauer

    love this one ari. so much fun. xoxo yay!

  • Disa

    What a spectacular pair! I love that bright sunshine yellow, but I’ve never been able to figure out who can wear it. She can wear it. She surely can.

  • Amanda Wheatie

    Wow! If I wore that yellow jacket I’d look like Big Bird! She rocks it!

  • Bonnie Schulte

    These gals are #AWESOME!!!!

  • Leslie

    Fabulous look! OMG! Those heels are to die for!!