Sylvia Scott, Detroit


  • Noemi Margit-Bako

    Can see myself dressed like this.

  • Linda

    Fabulous. Just fabulous.

  • marshamusic

    Very, very good look, from my friend Sylvia, fashionista emeritus……

  • katerina

    Stunning. Truly wonderful.

  • la Contessa


  • Shohany Hunter

    How a nice dress. i am wonder that the dress is very nice.i can put forth of my grandmother .i can found this dress any time in market place.
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  • david ramsey

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  • Love this look

  • edithmargaretmin

    I love the exposed seams and multiple unfinished hems on her vest. She has a sweater underneath providing the sleeves. Her scarf and arm warmers…again the exposed seams. I wonder if she made those herself or if she purchased them. So chic!! Then the high polish silver on top for shine. I love it.

  • All that Glitters

    Sylvia Scott. No Artifice. Bliss.