Style Sisterhood


  • Ivana Džidić

    This is both inspiring and touching. You really managed to capture the friendship and the spirit of sisterhood that exists between these lovely ladies. Wonderful outfits and style for sure…but your photographs show even more.

  • Linda

    I would not be able to select one favorite from this group. They are ALL amazing, creative, stylish, beautiful women. You are fabulous ladies, and are truly inspirational!!!

  • Donata Pfisterer

    As a very casual dressed 68 year old Arizona desert dweller I just don’t see my self dressed that way while living here. (they all look gorgeous) But I do have on my jeans with rolled up hems and bling on the back pocket. That as dressed up as I’ll get in 90 degree weather

  • Re st

    Some ladies look chic some disguised but I venerate their courage and self-confidence

  • Harriete Estel Berman

    Fabulous images. I love the combinations, clothing and character.

  • Very nice style!

  • Mage Bailey

    Simply marvelous….you swept me away with this beautiful entry. You inspire me. Thank you and thank them.

  • la Contessa


  • Sally Stacey

    I need help. I am looking for an older woman who’s into post-punk/cool biker style OR Teddy boy-Judy girl/ maybe even pachuca style. There don’t seem to be any older women doing any of those, although the woman with the painted-splattered jeans comes the closest. Any ideas?

  • So amazing. It makes me want to step up my sartorial game.

  • Carolyn Williams

    in the sisterhood group-who are the 7th ones down? I followed their blog and after a computer crash cannot find their address! Can you supply? Thanks–love your blog!

  • Well, i guess colorful stuffs have never been my thing.