Helen Lyall: Napa’s Queen of Fashion

For the last several years my parents have been attending one of their favorite jazz concert series in Napa, California. Every time my mom comes home she tells me about this wonderful woman that owns a boutique in downtown Napa that would be perfect for Advanced Style. Yesterday, I finally got to meet the wonderful Helen Lyall, who just celebrated her 88th birthday and 44 years in business. Helen works almost everyday in her fabulous store styling some of Northern California’s most fashionable women. After taking a few snaps and celebrating with some champagne, the Cohen family left Napa inspired by Helen’s stunning style and sharp wit! If you are in the neighborhood drop by The Helen Lyall Boutique and say hello for us.

Advanced Style X TENA (SEE VIDEO)

The essence of Advanced Style is finding, embracing and rediscovering the freedom to channel your inner vitality through creative expression. It’s not easy to show the world your best self, though, when you’re not feeling confident and comfortable. My friend, artist Debra Rapoport, has a favorite saying — “Look good, feel good. Feel good, look good.”

I always welcome the opportunity to work with companies that are helping people feel their best at any age, so when TENA asked me to partner on their new #TENAletsyoubeyou campaign for their TENA Intimates superior bladder-protection products, I was all for it. Though rarely talked about, 1.2 billion women worldwide will experience incontinence at some point in their lives. There’s no reason to let such a common condition ruin your day. TENA Intimates allow you to feel fresh and dry and protected while running around the city, playing ball, going shopping, and stopping to hug a costumed cucumber. (check out the video above).

For $5 off any one pack of TENA Intimates at TENA.us. Enter code CODE: AS5 at checkout. Offer expires ‪12/31/2017‬.