Bon Voyage!

These Aussies were happy to step aside from the hustle and bustle of the Union Square Market for a photo – if they could show off both pairs of their glasses, that is. While their glasses are pretty amazing, don’t forget to appreciate their smart outfits – perfect for a grand tour of East Coast cities. We sent them off to enjoy their New York vacation with a great list of glasses shops to check out before heading home.

Reader Submission

Trevor sent in these two pictures of his stylish grandparents. He says,

” The first is my maternal Grandpa Bill from Burnet, Texas (picture taken near Carlsbad, NM), and the second is my 93-year-old paternal Grandma JoJo from Albuquerque, NM (she is seated on the balcony of her apartment). You might notice that she is wearing a magnifying glass around her neck, as she is “legally blind”, which is among the first things she’ll tell you upon meeting. I think they both have tremendous style.”