Aviator Twins

On my way home last night, I saw these guys posted on the sidewalk, taking a cigar break in front of their Psychic Readings storefront. They each have their own distinctive style, but when you get a little closer and notice their matching aviator glasses, their charm comes into full effect. They offered me a psychic reading after getting their photo taken… I couldn’t take them up on their offer, but I hope that there are more photos as good as these in my future.

A Well-Sculpted Look

I met Nancy, a sculptor, in the East Village. Her look is subtle but her layers are rad. When I asked about her silky brown pants, she explained that they are traditional Indian pants that she bought on a trip to India 25 years ago. She just started wearing them again and they are the perfect finishing touch to this look.

Check out her site, www.nancyazara.com. If you’re in New York, check out her “Heart Wall” sculpture installation at 340 Madison Avenue.

Great Accessories

Part of personal style is having great accessories, and the proof is in the pudding with Christine and Andrew, below.

The hat. The necklace. The lacy shrug over her long black dress. Need I go on? Christine’s jewelry was especially striking, so here’s a close-up for some inspiration when you head out to buy your next piece of bling.

Andrew’s got an unconventional mix of accessories here. His red beret and scarf, studded cuffs, and panda bear necklace are all eye-catching personal touches.