Autumnal Palette

Ari and I have been complaining about the lack of color in Fall, but this woman has found a great way to embrace the season without losing some zest in her color choices. Her bright orange bag complements the darker, muted colors of Fall that she’s wearing, and she looks perfect for harvest time. Her tipped-back hat adds that touch of distinctive arty cool.

Sarah from The Pink Room

When I met Sarah and complimented her hip, understated style, she was so effusive and struck some great poses for the camera. She is a self-proclaimed Brit-turned-New Yorker, and used to be a designer of scarves (like the one she’s wearing) and accessories, but has decided to foray into fragrances now that she’s here in New York. Check out the website for her old store, The Pink Room. Sarah had true charm, and her enthusiasm for all things art and design, including our site, was pleasantly refreshing. Thanks Sarah!

Excellent Eyewear

I saw this lady in line at Whole Foods and later ran into her at the Farmer’s Market in Union Square. Apparently I’m not the only one who likes her purple glasses. She told me that she gets complimented on them everyday. She also let me know about a place in the market that sells excellent rhubarb juice; unfortunately I couldn’t find it.