A Futuristic Look at Advanced Style

I’ve known this classy broad for several years now and her style still never ceases to amaze. Her willingness to confidently mix colors, metallics and textures without trying too hard is truly inspiring. Here, she coordinates a turquoise ruffled top with blue metallic printed shorts, a hand beaded seahorse necklace and ribboned silk ballet flats. The coup de gras is a transparent floppy top hat. The result is something that resembles a bohemian wedding in the future. I love it – she is truly beyond her time.

Feather in The Cap

This guy was a great model and his outfit is exactly what we strive to capture here on Advanced Style. His unique hat and flip-up shades add unpredictable character to the otherwise classic look. When I inquired about his straw hat he told me that everybody loved it and that he bought it in Colorado several years ago. He is both comfortable and confident in his style, a comfort that often comes with maturity. See below for a closer view of his hat and glasses.
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