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Stylish Torch Singer

I came across this stylish lady at The Algonquin Hotel, while planning Mimi Weddell’s hat party with Guest of a Guest. I was drawn to her big red glasses and beautiful silk scarf. When I stopped to chat with her I found out that she was well known torch singer in the 1940’s. The bio on her daughter Andrea Marcovicci’s(also a singer) website reads:

Helen Marcovicci
, as Helen Stuart, appeared at multiple New York nightclubs throughout the war years including The Glass Hat, Bill Bertolotti’s, La Vie Parisienne and The Maisonette at the St. Regis. Although invited to a screen test by Paramount Ms. Marcovicci instead opted for marriage and family and continued to sing for community variety shows until, upon the insistence of filmmaker Henry Jaglom, she joined her daughter, Andrea Marcovicci, in concert. For her eightieth birthday Andrea took her mother on tour and the two played to sold-out houses from Boston to Palm Desert and from Connecticut to Costa Mesa.

Check out her triumphant return to singing HERE

Reader Submission

Carl Johan Gerlam sent us these great photos of his beloved father Ebbe Gerlam.He says, “One is taken in London at Spring and the other one is with the Christmas jacket on on Christmas eve.My dad has been working with tailoring and clothing in London, Paris and Gothenburg during his hole life. Though he is Swedish, he dresses like the perfect English gentleman.I want to honor him with these pictures, he is my eternal idol.”