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Design With Debra

Debra escorted me to The New Museum holiday party and we had a grand time.Check out my latest video with Debra below where she talks about some of the work she has been making with recycled materials for about 30 years. Maybe this will inspire us all to work with found materials and make some great art objects. Meeting wonderful people like Debra,Carol,Doris,Mary,Mimi and all the other creative and vibrant ladies I have featured here, has made me more inspired than ever!


I had the most amazing day playing dress up with Debra. She is a master at putting together imaginative and magical outfits. Debra makes and tailors much of what she wears and transforms the mundane into the magnificent. She takes mini skirts and turns them into beautiful collars, strands of dried tea bags and show tickets into gorgeous necklaces and uses industrial felt to construct hats worthy of royalty. The best part is that she is willing to share her secrets. A former teacher of design and textiles, she has a great passion for demonstrating how to use recycled materials to make wearable art. Stay tuned for more shots and videos of Debra and your other favorite Advanced Style fashionistas.

Advanced Style: Smilla’s Shots

[Photos by Smilla]

Smilla has great an eye for Advanced Style and you can tell that she really connects with the subjects of her photos. Check out what she had to say about what she had to say about the wonderful people above:

“Here are the Kleins. They are a happy couple, who found each other quite late. Mr. Klein tells me enthusiastically how they met: “Listen to me, young lady, you won’t regret it.” he says. It all started 51 years ago, he was 47 , now he is 98. His wife is 17 years younger, and she was the one to manage their “coming together”,the Cologne carnival played a prominent role. “…and then this wonderful marriage began.” Mr. Klein thinks that the difference between their height can be discovered in the pictures, when I show them, and gives his wife his most charming smile.”

“In the middle of my day this Lady comes across my way. She wonders why I would like to take a picture of her: “My grandchild is always telling me :” Granny, you are so out of fashion!” Whether she is or not; I like the Miss Marple charm which really comes along with her: full of energy, straight ahead and with a warm smile.She’s 80 years old. I may write that, but I may not tell her name! “Just write; Mrs B. was telling me stories from before the monetary reform. And in fact she did, and about her husband whom she met at17, sharing chocolate, 50 years of marriage after 10 years of being together.

Smilla’s stories,translated from German, are full of charm and spirit. I would love to see all of your Advanced Style shots and stories as well!