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A Flower In The Hat

I met Vicky at The New Museum the other day and asked if I could take her photo. When I was young my grandma and I used to watch My Fair Lady over and over.Vicky’s charming white gloves and flower in her hat not only reminded me of the film but were the perfect accessories for a lovely Spring day. Vicky emailed me later that day and wrote,”Even when I was young I loved to check out all generations of women and men who dressed a little different from the average Joe. If you’re a visual person it’s simply a luscious treat to see this form of live art…. in motion.

Advanced Style Video: Debra and Tziporah on The Healing Power of Style

[Video By Lina Plioplyte for Advanced Style]

The other day I talked briefly about The Healing Power Of Style and how style and dressing up can be used to elevate the spirit. Debra and Tziporah feel that through self expression and the art of dressing up they are bringing joy to themselves and others around them. Debra always says that Fashion is fun and that creativity is healing. My mom and grandmother always encouraged me to express myself and be creative and Debra and Tziporah inspire me to continue to live a life filled with art, beauty and self expression. I hope they inspire you as well. Remember you can email Debra at . Not only is she a fabulous artist but an amazing Reflexologist as well!