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Well Dressed Gentelmen

[Action Shot shot by MISTER MORT]
I take a lot of photos of stylish older women in New York, but I definitely see some wonderfully dressed gentleman as well. My buddy Mister Mort is the true expert at getting shots of stylish fellows. The other day I took a photo of a man in a Borsalino hat. He asked me if I shoot on Park Avenue because, seven years ago he was approached by a guy asking to take photos of guys in hats. I am certain that this must have been MISTER MORT, the only other dude to snap shots of older ladies and gentleman that I know. We used to go photo hunting together before he moved out west and he continues to captures great style, like the fellow above.
I also wanted to let you know that I started an Advanced Style Forum for us all to continue our conversations about life, style, and aging. Click the link below to check it out and participate and don’t forget to REGISTER. I can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts! You can also find the link on the sidebar.

Eva Deutsch Costabel

Meeting artist Eva Deutsch Costabel was truly an amazing and inspiring experience. She has lived and worked in New York for 57 years, after surviving the Holocaust and fleeing for her life for several years. She arrived in New York in 1949 and worked under artist Franz Kline. During this time she created deeply personal abstract paintings informed by her emotional journey.
Eva told me, ” Living in New York you must be educated. I don’t have many prejudices, but Boring I can’t stand.” She considers herself a colorist choosing to eat and dress in the colors that fill her wonderful works of art. My short visit with her could not do her story justice. For more on Eva’s amazing journey check out her website and blog

Advanced Style for AARP Online

I just finished my third post in a series for AARP online about how vintage accessories can be used to spruce up an outfit. As with the blog, my goal is to inspire people to live life to the fullest, to challenge stereotypes about age, and show that you can have fun and be stylish as you get older. I hope you enjoy the posts and please let me know what you think of them.

Check out these links to my articles for AARP !

Balenciaga: Spanish Master Exhibition Preview

Today Debra and I went to preview the Balenciaga: Spanish Master exhibition held at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute in New York. The show which opens tomorrow features more than 70 items of Cristobal Balenciaga curated by Hamish Bowles. Designer, Oscar de la Renta conceived of the show which is the first to consider the impact of Spain’s culture, history, and art on the legendary Critsobal Balenciaga.

I took Debra to the exhibit with me because I knew she’d appreciation the beautiful display and scultural forms. She told me that she first saw Balenciaga’s work as a child on TV. His designs and colors were immediately inspiring to her. Even if you can’t afford to buy designer clothing you can be inspired by their artistry. It is the artful quality and expressive power of style that Debra and I relate to. Check out the great clip below to see some Vintage Balenciaga designs similar to those in the exhibition.