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Over 50 Blogger Spotlight:Mispapelicos

Personal style blogs aren’t just for the young, in fact their is a whole world of over 50 bloggers, proving that personal style really does advance with age. These women have the experience to know what they feel comfortable in the willingness to share their treasured style secrets withthe rest of the world. I asked Sacramento from for her fashion and style tips. Check out our interview below:

How do you feel age affects fashion?
To me age is just a number, and shouldn’t´t affect your own style at all.

What is your style advice for older women stuck in a rut?
-Get rid of the comfy pants and t-shirt, they are a deadly trap…
-Look at yourself in the mirror, cherish the way you look, and build from there.
– Be daring rather than boring.-
-Every woman knows what suits her and what type of clothes makes her feel wonderful. Most of the time, they cannot be bothered.-
-It is never too late to find your own style. Look deep within and let it come out freely.

Can you share any of your style secrets?
I always dress for myself, and to inspire those who cross my path.

-I would like to think that my style is quirky rather than smart; with the knowledge to distinguish the thin line between quirky and clown.

Sacramento in her own words:
I am An English- Spanish teacher and Nutritionist who has been madly in love with fashion all her life.I see fashion as a means of self expression through clothes.
I have been keeping notes and cut-outs in notebooks, (that´s why the name of my blog: MIS PAPELICOS – my little papers or cut-outs) for as long as I can remember.
Last 7Th of April , I decided to go a step forward by starting my own blog.

Senior Bloggers

[Senior Blogger Rita Marcus of Very Old Grandmother]

Hey There Bloggers ,
Are you a blogger over 50, then we want to post your thoughts and style advice on Advanced Style. If you have insight into how to stay vital, active and beautiful as you age send post submissions to We will look through the submissions and post them on a regular basis with a link back to your blog. We want to share this valuable information with our readers and spread the word that style and creativity don’t end at a certain age, they ADVANCE.

Here are some great blogs for you to check out and please comment with more to add to the list

Ten Inspiring Quotes From Mimi Weddell

Photos by Jenna Dublin

If you have been reading Advanced Style long enough you know that my grandmother Bluma was my best friend and greatest inspiration. She taught me how to be kind, compassionate, and always challenge myself. She was a wonderful teacher and it is because of her that I do what I do. Since moving to New York two and a half years ago, I have met so many amazing older ladies and gentleman who continue share their wisdom and inspire me everyday.

I was looking through some old photos and realized that I had never posted these shots of Mimi Weddell and me. She was a grand woman who taught me so much in the short time that I knew her. Here are ten of her most memorable quotes:

“There’s a lot more to be learned, and I’m going to learn all the way up to the stairway to the stars”

” You dance as you walk through life.If you don’t dance, for heaven’s sake, you cannot aspire. You do not lift up from this earth.”

“Rise Above It, it’s what one does. We’re not supposed to be happy happy happy and jumping for joy every second”

“Doesn’t time go really fast its moment by moment by moment, and you’ve got to grab it”

“I don’t know, maybe life is a fairytale”

“Grace, is what it is, you dance as you sail through life, and furthermore it heightens your living as of the moment”

“The only Romantic thing left in life is a hat”

“Hats give you a frame. However dreary you feel, if you put on a hat, by golly, you’ve changed everything. I keep telling my daughter,my granddaughter,everybody, If you don’t wear a hat, you’re missing it”

“I love Illusion”

“Like Piaf I have no regrets, Oh mercy you have to have the downers and the uppers to be a complete person”

Having Fun is The Key To Staying Young at Heart

My good friend Debra has taught me a lot of life lessons in the year that I have known her. One of the most important ones is to always have fun and enjoy what you are doing at the moment. I met another women in her 90s who explained to me that although her body had aged, she felt like a child inside. This doesn’t mean that she hadn’t matured, but that she still had a young spirit and longed to play and have fun .One of the keys to remaining youthful is remembering to have fun, and dressing up is a great way to express this kindred spirit.

Yesterday I met Debra’s good friends Mary Winder Baker and Susan Wick. In the 1970s, they worked together as a performance group focusing on women’s issues, fashion, health and nutrition, and ideas of aesthetics. Here are some photos I came across from a performance they did in Berkely in 1975. These women have stayed young at heart because they continue to have fun and explore their creative spirits.