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Legendary Songwriter Ervin Drake and His Beautiful Wife Edith

The other day I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet legendary songwriter Ervin Drake and his beautiful wife Edith. We both attended a wonderful show at Town Hall  where they sat hand in hand. The next day I met the beautiful couple at The National Arts Club where I had the chance to photograph them and ask them a few questions on video. At 89 and 91 they are full of life and humor. Edith told me that the most important thing is that they feel good and stay active.They come into Manhattan about four times a week for cultural events and Edith runs her own boutique in Great Neck, New York.Ervin wrote  some  of my favorite songs including “It Was a Very Good year” and “Good Morning Heartache” which you can enjoy below. 

Why I Started Advanced Style

I was recently interviewed for a three part Q and A with The question I’m asked most often is how and why did I start Advanced Style. I have been doing the blog since August of 2008 and have come to love and cherish the friendships that I have made. Check out the video above and links from the Forbes interview below to find out more about why I do what I do.
Here are some more interviews on Advanced Style along with some photos of some of my favorite ladies and I .

Iris Apfel: “Price Has Nothing To Do With Style”

I finally had the chance to meet the extraordinary Iris Apfel. Her approach to style is legendary in her incorporation of high and low,ethnic and vintage with contemporary trends, and idiosyncratic brand of humor.She is a true style icon who continues to inspire others to express themselves and enjoy life to the fullest. Iris told me that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be stylish, it is all in how you put things together. She is proof that putting an outfit together can be just as artful as painting a portrait. I hope you enjoy these two small clips and hopefully we will see more of Iris on Advanced Style.

Alice Carey On Style

This weekend I spent a lovely afternoon with writer Alice Carey. I met Alice on Hudson Street while shopping with my mom and I was instantly drawn to her extraordinary taste and style. Alice immigrated from Ireland as a little girl. Her mother was a maid to the elegant women who walked down Park Avenue and purchased hats from Hattie Carnegie.Watch the clips below to hear more about the development of Carey’s personal style and CLICK HERE for part 2 of my Forbes interview. Also if you are looking for the Arlene Francis book that Alice mentions you can find it on Amazon.