Date Archives May 2011

“To Age Is A Privilege”

I stopped Joyce on the Upper West Side and asked her to share some of her style secrets.Joyce had some great advice, she said,”Style is about the right jewelry, the right know-how,the right neckline, and above all the right attitude.” I think its important to share the ages of my subjects whenever possible, so I asked Joyce if she minded telling me how old she is. She replied, “Of course not. To age is a privilege, I am 79 years old.”


 Gurmukh is one of the most stunning women I have ever photographed. I first met her in SoHo last year and ran into her again the other day.Like many of the men and women I photograph, Gurmukh is a teacher. She  is a world renowned  yoga instructor and the cofounder and director of  Golden Bridge Yoga, based in Los Angeles and New York. There is something about sharing knowledge and helping the world that makes people more beautiful. By dressing up and feeling good and sharing wisdom with one another we can become stronger, happier, and live fuller lives. Maybe style and substance can really go hand in hand.

“I Want To Be Me Not Anyone Else”

On nice days Lucy likes to sit in a small park in the West Village wear she chats with friends. I have seen her many times, always with the same hat and flower. I asked Lucy what they key to being stylish is and she told me, ” I want to be me, not anyone else.”