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Milan Fashion Week:Advanced Floral

I saw this woman enjoying a cappuccino with a friend near Corso Como in Milan. I wanted to ask if I could take her photo, but decided to wait until she finished her conversation. A few minutes later, I turned around, and she had already left.Luck would have it that I ran into her a few hours later near Brera. I asked if I could take her picture and she explained in Italian that she doesn’t speak English. I pointed to my camera and smiled–She understood, and I got a great shot.

MIlan Fashion Week:Black and White

Every time I visit a new city, I find at least one lady who stands out amongst all the rest. In London there is Gitte Lee, Mme Dominique Fallecker in Paris, and now this wonderful Milanese woman. They are admired for their style,their spirit,and their grace. This woman was closing up shop when I asked if I could take her photo. She reminded me of something an older once told me, “You will always be right in black and white.”

Advanced Style in Milan for Micam Shoe Fair

I am in Milan for the Micam shoe fair to celebrate Advanced Style and Italian shoes. This afternoon the chicest Milanese women over 60, were invited to try on the latest in Italian footwear. The woman above is a 79 year old pilot and yoga instructor who needs comfortable shoes for her active lifestyle. I asked her what she loved about Italian shoes and she replied, ” They are comfortable and stylish. In the morning I wear flats, but I change to a heel for the afternoon and the evening. A heel is important for an elegant dress.”
Check out the boots she tried on below and see to see more of my blogging from Milan CLICK HERE .

Lady Francesca Todd

I jumped on the bus during a rainy night in New York. Across from me was seated a very stylish women with a magnificent frog ring. I asked if I could get off on her stop, and take a photo for a book I was working on. She told me that she collected frogs, and that I could surely take her photo. I asked about her wonderful hat and she told me, “I have had this hat for years and have never worn it. I decided to turn up one side of the brim and wear it this way.” She is not only fashionable but creative as well.