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Advanced Style Party Video

Check out this great video from one of my favorite German style blogs TwoforFashion.It really captures the spirit of last night’s party.

Advanced Style:Last Night’s Party

I found these great photos from last night’s Advanced Style celebration at the Ace Hotel.Thanks to everyone who came, waited in line, and celebrated with us last night. The night exceeded all my expectations and I’m sorry to anyone who couldn’t get in. We will have some more great photos and video to share in the upcoming weeks. I’m off to Milan for an ANCI shoe conference and blogger award event where I hope to see some great Advanced Style.

Advanced Style Takes Over Fashion Week

Lynn and Linda Fargo
Lynn with my mom!

Yesterday, Advanced Style’s resident, “Countess of Glamour”, Lynn Dell and I visited Lincoln Center, to check out some shows for fashion week. My parents are in town for the big party I am throwing with Tavi Gevinson at The Ace Hotel, so I wanted to show them all of the excitement going on around town. It was refreshing and inspiring to see crowds of people rush up to Lynn Dell wanting to take her photograph. At 79 years old, she is an inspiration to us all! Lynn ran into another silver haired beauty, Bergdorf’s SVP , Linda Fargo, looking as smashing as ever. I’m off to prepare for tomorrow, expect some great pictures from our big event!

How to Make a Turban out of Leggings:The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas are on Youtube

I just found out that my good friends and resident Advanced Stylistas,”The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, have a Youtube channel–Hurray! Watch Jean show you how to turn a pair of leggings into a turban above, and Valerie demonstrate how to make a hat out of a basket. These wonderfully creative ladies will be at my Ace Hotel party, serving up fashion advice to anyone who asks.

On Dressing Age Appropriate

Many people feel that women of a certain age shouldn’t dress up, express themselves, wear bright colors, and even show a little skin. From my experience, the ladies I feature, feel more free to express themselves as they have gotten older. They care less about what other people think, and rely more on their own instinct. I asked a few of my favorite ladies how they feel about dressing “age appropriate”, what an older woman should never wear, and if one can dress sexy as they age. Read their responses below and please comment with your own opinions.

Beatrix Ost- Age appropriate I would say is silly, but please look in the mirror.Do not populate airports , places of sightseeing ,churches,any of such in foreign countries, wearing shorts like a teen.Sexy is in the eye of the beholder–be sparse with showing your flesh.

Zelda Kaplan- I think the important thing is to try to maintain one’s figure, so that the cloth lies properly on the body. I think one’s figure is more important than one’s age. I don’t believe an older person should wear short shorts, but whatever they feel good in works for me.

Mary- I think that saying women can’t wear color at a certain age says step back and die. Most important is to develop a sense of objectivity. I go by an instant reaction–if it’s negative that I don’t do it. Obviously you shouldn’t wear super short skirts. You don’t want to look like a crazy old lady.In short avoid those baby jane moments.Rita Hammer- If you look in the mirror and it offends the eye then don’t do it. I don’t think women of a certain age should wear hot-pants or miniskirts, but they can wear skirts an inch or two above the knee. That can look very elegant.It’s up to the woman to know what’s she’s doing and see if it feels right. It’s personal taste.