Date Archives October 2011

100 Year Old Ruth Lifting Weights

Ruth,100, lifting weights, in a favorite pair of gloves
Joyce, 80,with some of her favorite vintage Chanel accessories

A few months ago I shot an editorial for a German fashion magazine called with some of the ladies and gentleman from Advanced Style. I was one of five photographers chosen to work on a story about “Fashion and Fame”, and the only one to use models over 40. Check out 100 year old Ruth lifting weights in a pair of her favorite gloves, and Joyce 80, wearing some of her best vintage accessories. I was honored to work on this project. I hope the photos above inspire you to dress up and stay active, no matter how old you are.

The New Old Hollywood Glamor:Turbans

I have always admired the glamor of Old Hollywood. When I was a kid my grandma and I would watch old movies together, and I was struck by the style of ladies like Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo,Bettie Davis and Grace Kelly. The ladies I photograph are a reminder that glamor is always in style. Turbans are not only one of my favorite accessories to photograph,they are also an easy and practical way to add a bit of vintage style into any wardrobe.

Vintage YSL in Central Park

I saw this woman wearing a vintage YSL suit in Central Park over the weekend.She told me that she bought her suit over 20 years at Bergdorf’s and that it is still one of her favorites. When I asked what her style philosophy was she replied,”First of all whatever is inside of you you have to believe in beauty. Beauty is harmony and harmony is the whole purpose of the universe.”