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Advanced Style Profile Rose:100 Years Old Never Looked So Good

Over the past three years, I have met so many wonderful men and women of all ages. They have proved that age is just a state of mind and that style and creativity, do not end, but advance with time. Rose is one of my favorite 100 year old ladies. She is always impeccably dressed and in great spirits.Rose will be one of the featured ladies in my upcoming book . If you would like to pre-order a copy on Amazon CLICK HERE. I’m off to Los Angeles for the BlogWorld Expo then to San Diego to visit my family. Have a great weekend everyone.

BlogWorld Expo in Los Angeles

I am heading to Los Angeles this weekend for the BlogWorld Expo. If you are in town come see me at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I’ll be talking about my blogging experience at the Google Blogger Booth #314 on Saturday,November 5, from 1-3 pm. I’m excited to meet some of my favorite bloggers and share how using Blogger has led me to build a career out of my creative passion.