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Debra Rapoport and Tziporah Salamon

This weekend Tziporah Salamon, Debra Rapoport and I attended a conversation between Iris Apfel and Tavi Gevinson at The Met. During the panel discussion Tavi and Iris discussed everything from what inspires their personal style to notions of conventional beauty in the fashion industry. What I appreciated most about the conversation was how Tavi and Iris both considered style a means for personal expression. Like The Advanced Style ladies they believe that fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously, that it should be fun and creative, and allow people to escape from the seriousness of daily life.

I have always associated dressing up with play.Growing up, my mom and grandmother allowed me to look their drawers and dress up in my grandfather’s old jackets, hats and argyle socks.Dressing up can nurture our creative spirits and it doesn’t have to stop at a certain age!

Fight Invisibility

Last night I had my final book signing at The American Book Center in Amsterdam. In the last two months I have traveled from Geneva back to New York, to London, Glasgow, Paris and now Amsterdam. I am overwhelmed by the amazing feedback I have received from people who have purchased my book. Thank you to everyone who I have met, who has told me how much The Advanced Style Ladies mean to you.

I started the blog in order to change people’s perception of aging and show that there is much fun to be had once you reach 80, 90 and 100 years old. Women often tell me that after 40 they have started to feel invisible. Throughout the last two months young girls have reached out to tell me that they look forward to growing old like the Advanced Style Ladies. Older women have commented that my photos have given them the permission to dress up and feel good about themselves. I am so grateful for the impact the book is having on everyone and have to give credit to my own incredible grandmothers. I know the ladies and gentleman that I meet have surely changed my perspective on aging and given me something to look forward to.

Let’s all work together and continue to FIGHT INVISIBILITY .

Glyndebourne Festival

The UK Guardian invited me to  capture the style of annual visitors to the Glyndebourne  Opera Festival for an online gallery. Barbara Clawson was one of many amazing ladies and gentleman that I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing. When I asked Barbara how she felt about style, she replied, “It’s important to keep up standards.You have to dress appropriately. I brought three outfits today, but this was the warmest.” For more photos of from the Guardian Feature CLICK HERE .

Molly Parkin on Life and Style

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to meet with the gorgeous and inspiring Molly Parkin.Molly turned 80 last January and she is feeling better than ever. We had a magical afternoon talking about her life and style. Check out the videos above to learn more about this fabulous woman.