Date Archives October 2012

A Few Words From Wanny Di Filippo

I just got back from Italy where I met up with my favorite stylish gentleman, Wanny Di Filippo. My dad just gave me a new small video recorder, so expect better videos coming your way!!! Check my YouTube page Here for all my Advanced Style videos and for a translation of what Wanny is saying check below:
“My name is Wanny Di Filippo, and this is my store in via del Parione, in Florence.I have been working here for 42 years and I think that my style is my own style. I do what I do because I am this way. I couldn’t work otherwise. I bring true colours, I love colours, though I see that you love colours too, that’s great.”

Van She x Advanced Style x The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

Lina and I were asked to make a series of music videos in collaboration with the Australian band Van She, to celebrate of the release of their latest album entitled, Idea of Happiness. We got together some of the ladies featured in our upcoming documentary and asked them to explain what makes them happy. The first in the series features the wonderful Idiosyncratic Fashionistas.  For more on Valerie and Jean visit their amazing blog HERE.

The Style Crone Hits Manhattan

It’s always so much fun when one of my favorite bloggers, The Style Crone, comes to visit New York City. Judith has such a great perspective when it comes to life and style. Her blog is a must read for anyone needing a little inspiration. For more of Judith’s wonderful outfits and words of wisdom CLICK HERE.

Advanced Style on The Ricki Lake Show

A few weeks ago Joyce, Debra, Lynn and I headed to Los Angeles to film a segment for The Ricki Lake show. It was such an honor to meet Ricki and we all had a blast. For now you can enjoy  this preview clip of Joyce strutting her stuff. Tune into Ricki Lake  today to see the full show!