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Wanny Di Filippo in Florence

This weekend I met my style icon Wanny Di Filippo in Florence. A few months ago I sent students, from a class I was teaching Rome, out on the streets to find Advanced Style. I was shocked when they came back and showed me photographs of Wanny, a man whose style and spirit I had been admiring for years. It was a great pleasure to finally meet this incredible man in person. If you get the chance stop by the Il Bisonte store on your next trip to Florence. To learn more about Wanny watch the great video by NOWNESS below.

Wanny Di Filippo’s Florence on

Advanced Style at Levain Bakery

I was walking past Levain Bakery on the Upper West Side when I saw this gorgeous woman sitting on the bench outside. She was born in Argentina, but has been in New York most of her adult life. Being a long time resident of the UWS I asked her if the bakery was any good. She told me that she had never been there, but that she was using the laundromat next store. I picked up a cookie for us to share and then wished her a beautiful afternoon.

Joyce and Debra Share Some of Their Health Secrets

 If I have learned anything over the last four years it is that style is a reflection of how we feel and take care of ourselves. I caught Joyce and Debra in the middle of a conversation on this very topic and I wanted to share a few of their health secrets with everyone.