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Another Example of The Healing Power of Style

I am constantly overwhelmed and inspired by the brief and powerful interactions I have with people I meet on the streets of New York. Oftentimes I am left breathless by the insight and wisdom shared by those that I approach and have realized that style and personal expression can have a profound effect on the way we live our lives.

This week I met an incredible woman named Marta Ventos, while walking down Madison Avenue. When I told Marta how beautiful she looked, she began to tell me that she is in New York from Spain, seeking treatment for cancer. She explained that she was wearing a head wrap due to hair loss and  that she always has a positive outlook on life. I asked Marta if she would answer a few questions and share her story on Advanced Style. She happily agreed, check out her wonderful responses below:

“This is my second Cancer in three years and I have never used
“peluca” that means fake hair. I always
prefer to change the look of the day depending
on how I am dressed.I have found beautiful hats and foulards and I myself make different arrangements.
I never want to give the image of a person with an illness, even I have
never thought that I have a cancer, and in some way that helps me.”

1.How does dressing up affect your mood and ability to deal with your illness?

It helps me to join ordinary life instead of retreating from normal activities.
2. Have you always had a love of style and personal expression?
Yes, always
3. On trying days what inspires you to put yourself together and look your best?
To think that there are always others in worst conditions than me: I can’t complain.

4. Any Advice to people dealing with an illness?
Everyone has their own recipe. I have never think about the fact that I have an illness.
5.Has your style changed in the last few years?
No, I have never follow trends, even in furniture, which I am working with, I like the intemporal, not fashion.

“If I Didn’t Dress Up, I would Be Cold”

This gorgeous, statuesque women was walking down Madison when I caught up with her just as she was crossing the street. The minute I announced that I photograph stylish women her friend replied, ” She is always the best dressed, she has great style.” I asked her if she dresses this beautifully everyday and she answered, ” I am dressed down today,” and joked “If I didn’t dress up, I would be cold.” I handed her my card and continued on my merry, photo hunting way. I hope that she will email me very soon.

A Very Busy Week

I went over to Ilona’s to check out her new feather gloves and chat about a big shoot we are working on over the weekend. There is so much happening in the world of Advanced Style this week including shoots for an incredible brand, working on The Advanced Style Coloring Book, interviews with the ladies, and we are getting ready to submit our documentary to festivals. I promise I will hit the streets in between all the wonderful chaos!!!

Joyce and Debra

Everyday I have the great privilege to meet and interact with the most incredible people. It’s been so wonderful to watch  the “Advanced Style Ladies’ become friends, and witness how they support and encourage each other’s creativity.

Although Joyce and Debra have very different approaches to style, they have very similar approaches to lifestyle. I asked Joyce and Debra to share a few words on why they appreciate each other’s style.

Joyce on Debra:
I appreciate her excitement with color. The different pieces she makes, they are so very her, you don’t see them anywhere. She is unique in her style. It’s fun and entertaining and everybody loves it. I love it.

Debra on Joyce:
I appreciate her elegance and her clarity about who she is. Joyce is a very dynamic, yet tender person. She is so sharp and smart in both her personality and style decisions.