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How We Met: A Story for Valentine’s Day by Carol Markel

How We Met: A Story for Valentine’s Day
by Carol Markel

The year was 1962.
I was 18 and a freshman at Elmira College. Richard was 29 and a new
instructor of art at Elmira. The college held a convocation to introduce
the faculty to the students — an auditorium full of women. This was a
college for women only. The faculty was arrayed on the stage,
resplendent in their academic robes and mortar boards. The president of
Elmira, a one J. Ralph Murray, introduced each teacher starting with
full professors and continuing to instructors seated in the back row.
Each would stand upon hearing his name. J. Ralph came to Richard. He
stood. Tall, reed-thin, handsome, sandy, blond hair — a skinny Gregory
Peck. The women applauded. A collective swoon swept the theater.

Carol and Richard on their wedding day
hovering above me, shot an arrow which sailed right through my heart.
When the convocation was over, I ran down the aisle to where the Dean of
Students was sitting. Breathlessly, I inquired, “Is it too late to sign
up for an art class?” I had planned to major in English.

52 years later.
Richard and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day in Naples, Florida, We are
sharing a creative life — the only kind we can live. Cupid was right.
There is still a lot of love and laughter in our lives.

Once Upon a Hat

I photographed milliner, Wanda J. Chambers, outside Arts Weschester where her hats are on display alongside the work of 40 other chapeau designers. Wanda is a natural in front of the camera, but she revealed to me that she only started to feel good about taking pictures, when she started gaining confidence in herself a couple of years ago. To see more of Wanda’s wonderful work, check out her website HERE.


Hat by Carlos Hats

This past weekend I attended a wonderful hat exhibit at Arts Weschester in White Plains, NY. There are over 150 hats, designed by 40 contemporary milliners (including our very own Debra Rapoport) on display through the 12th of April. I’ll be posting photos from the opening all week and for some more hat inspiration check out the trailer to my favorite movie below: