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A Great Adventure

Every time I’m in a car I gaze out  the window looking for people to photograph. Oftentimes the most wonderful people pass by and I lament the fact that I didn’t happen to just run into them on the street. At least in these moments I get bursts of inspiration on the traffic filled streets. Yesterday I was driving through Hollywood and was about to change lanes when  out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this wonderful woman sitting at the bus stop. I quickly drove forward and made a u-turn in hopes that I would catch her before she caught her bus. I found a great parking place and ran across the street just in time to get the shot! To me this is the greatest adventure– to find someone  glorious and charming to share with the world.

Advanced Beauty: Alice Carey

Vintage Alice Carey

Over the years many of you have written in asking for beauty tips and product recommendations from some of the women that I photograph. Ask and you shall receive!!! Here is the first installment of Advanced Beauty with writer, Alice Carey. 

Alice Carey, Writer, Mid 60s
Beauty tips & regimen indeed!!!I’ve just come in from working ‘the
land’ here in Ireland and I look like a deranged Scarlett O’Hara without Rhett
Butler. However, since you asked….

I am a CLARiNS girl!I wear their moisturizer & that
divine stick, Lisse Minute,  that magically combats fine lines.
 ‘Course, it has to be on fine lines & not wrinkles.
Here in Ireland (UK too) I favor
BOOTS No 7 Protect & Perfect Advanced
day cream & serum.I see it’s now available in the US at
RITE AIDE. BOOTS is VVVV good but not as glamorous as CLAIRiNS

I do not put anything on my face for
bed & sleep as I believe, it clogs the pores! I use very little makeup.
 But…always lipstick….(SEE BELOW!) 
In the morning all I put on is a very
small brushing of black eyeliner & LANCOME LE CRAYON KHOL in violet.
 I smudge it., and lipstick of course.That’s it! In evening I always add face powder –
CHANEL. As for LIPSTICK!!!! I am a CHANEL girl.  Red stick & red gloss! I never leave the house without it. Even the cows like it.I always use a lipstick brush from SEPHORA. It puts the color on smoothly.
I am a HUGE fan of DIOR’s TOUCHE ECLAT to cover up lines around the eyes & mouth.  It comes in many skin tones.  Though it’s expensive it’s worth it for photos & special occasions.

I use lemon/ olive Indian hair oil bought at Middle Eastern stores, when my hair is very short.  It gives a great shine & smells nice.

Very important:  NO TV or fiddling with cell phone or internet before sleep.  It disturbs the dream cycle.  SLEEP in a cold room, 7 hours a night, no excuses!
Lastly, extremely important is SEX.  It gets the endorphins going to get you going!

5 Secrets to Vitality With Sarah Jane Adams

Here is the second installment of vitality tips with Sarah Jane Adams. Make sure to follow all of her adventures on Instagram HERE.

1.Always have an exciting adventure ahead.
2.Be ready to take on a challenge.
3.Stretch yourself, in every way possible.
4.Say Yes, or No, and mean it.
5.There’s an up side and a down side to being “out there”. So enjoy it while you can and don’t take notice of other’s opinions of yourself. The day you begin to believe in your own bullshit, it is the beginning of the end, and also use the haters as your motivators.